Soulsational Schedule Of Events

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Featuring On the Field Stage:

Emcee Host:

11:00 The Wag

12:15 The Goodstock Jamband

1:15 Clarizio Music Presents Mondays at Six

2:15 Alli & The Housecats

3:15 Jake Tavill & Indigo Soul

4:30 Anjelia Pelay

6:00 Amanda Duncan

and MORE!
PAVILION STAGE - Food Truck Stage

12:15 Nicole Curtis

12:45 Poet:

1:00 Scott Thomas Webster

1:30 Poet:

1:45 Jersey Duo 

2:15 Poet: Mychal Poetry

2:30 Kellie Shane of Pepperwine

3:10 Poet:

3:30 The Williamsboy

4:10 Poet:

4:30 Stella Mrowicki

5:30 – 7:00  Soulsational at Sundown Open Mic

and MORE!

12:00pm National Anthem sung by Lisa Mazzuca

Community Demos By: 11:00 Opening Prayer  - John Schwartz, 11:55 Ovations Dance Waretown, NJ, 1:00 Master Vandenberge’s Kum Sung Martial Arts Demonstration / Soulsational Dance Party hosted by Ovations Dance, 2:00 Belly Dance Demonstration by SharqiDance students and teacher , Yame / Master Vandenberge's Kum Sung Tai Chi Demonstration, 3:00 Om the Park Yoga Demonstration– Led by Dana Gan, 4:20 Broadway Bound Dance Centre, 5:50 Demonstration Pound with Pepper with Lisa Pepper and Company,

7:30 Official Closing Remarks:

A Big Thank you to our Soulsational Stage Manager, Dr. Soul - Bill Van Wyck!


Lead Coordinator: Dana Gan

All activities are subject to slight changes

11:15  Hip Openers

This hip opening class is deigned to free up the tension we ALL carry in our hips. Offered to all levels, all bodies and all humans. Modifications are offered for this to be available to all students!

Dorri Petterson - Yoga with Dorri

12:00 Gentle  

A beautiful gentle practice which will leave you feeling totally blissful. Open to all levels.

Kerry Holzschuh - Pure Toms River Yoga                                                                                                                    

1:00 Jivamukti

Fusing physical ,ethical, spiritual practices for all! Includes asanas, breath work, and meditation.

Loren Russo - Hot or Not Yoga (Sponsor) 


2:00 Kirtan (music)   

Join us to celebrate the passion of bhakti yoga through a musical practice. All are welcome to join in the call and repeat style chanting or sit back, listen and enjoy!

Loren Russo and friends - Hot or Not Yoga (Sponsor)                                    

3:00 - 6:00: Creating a Peace Mandala

*Near yoga tent, Bring an offering

Ex. Grain Rice Flower Pedals sand colored powder

Hosted by: Pure Yoga of Toms River


3:10 Om in The Park Yoga Demo

In front of Main Stage. A few minutes of fluid yoga movements to "This is How You Walk On" - Gary Lightbody and Johnny McDaid

Led by Dana Gan & Friends - The Meaningful Mala   


3:15 Partners Yoga    

Fun stretches and postures using a partner as a prop! You will get to support one another and assist in deepening each other’s practice. Open to all levels    

Steven Porter - Just a Yoga Guy                                                       


4:00 Funky Flow       

A funky Vinyasa flow filled with lots of fun for all levels.

Adrienne Kengetter - Collective Healing Arts                                                                                          

5:00 Relax & Restore

Perfect way to unwind your festival day! Enjoy a deeply relaxing practice to refresh your mind, body, and spirit with this restorative practice. Class includes a guided relaxation, gentle adjustments and the use of essential oils to complement this nourishing practice. For any level student seeking to reduce the effects of stress. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Regina Pieterson  - Breathe Life Sangha  

Class Tent

Lead Coordinator: Dorri Petterson
and Lisa Pepper

All activities are subject to slight changes

** all experience levels and ages welcome **


Crystal Bowl Meditation

Enjoy the soothing sounds of the chakra crystal bowls. Allow your body and mind to completely surrender to the calming sensations of vibrational sound healing. Please join me for a Chakra crystal bowl meditation- we will journey through the 7 main chakras while incorporating yoga nidra techniques.

Beth Connelly


Passion To Paint

Hosted by Passion To Paint

Awaken Your Creative Spirit. Come join us for an open studio experience.

*Near Beer Tent

"Beach, Peace and Flip Flops" Canvas

$30.00 Walk In Registration

Register Today


Ceremonial Tea Meditation

Through the marriage of leaves and hot water, we sit together in silence and connect with Nature. This practice incorporates the four elements to awaken the five senses and brings us the opportunity to cultivate presence. This practice has been around for thousands of years and has been used by Daoists and Monks as a healing and meditational practice. Tea opens our hearts gently, and creates a unique, memorable ceremony.

Jordanna Kranz - Gathering Pines

Soulsational Dance Flash Mob
Gathering to begin at 12:45 near the main stage. A Flash Mob Experience bring your friends. No choreography/ Dance Free Style. All AGES WELCOME! Main stage. Organized & Hosted by Ovations Dance



Suzanne McMurray & Carol Strelic - The Center for Conscious Caregiving



Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and Pilates-inspired movements. Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out. Designed for all work out levels.

Lisa Pepper – Pound with Pepper



Cardio kickboxing class designed to sculpt your muscles and tone the body. "Hint: Since legs are the largest limb, they help burn the most calories!" Please join my super fun and high-energy class!

Frank Kellogg - Kellogg Fitness

3:00 Passion To Paint

Hosted by Passion To Paint

Mermaid Tail Glass Painting

*Near Beer Tent

$25.00 Walk In Registration

Register Today

3:00 - 6:00pm: Creating a Peace Mandala 

With  Pure Yoga of Toms River

*Near yoga tent, Bring an offering

Ex. Grain Rice Flower Pedals  sand colored powder

Field Event


Belly Dance Class

Belly dance is a beautiful art form that can help women and men get in touch with their graceful, elegant side! Today Yame, belly dancer for over a decade, will teach you some of our common isolations and basic steps that you can have under your belt forever!

Yame Abdo – SharqiDance



Experience the sensation of chi, learning to direct it's course through your body and using it to restore health and vitality. This class is appropriate for all skill levels.

Elyse Smith  - Heaven & Earth Energy Healing

5:00 Passion To Paint

Hosted by Passion To Paint

Daisies on Reclaimed Wood Painting

*Near Beer Tent

$30.00 Walk In Registration

Register Today


Natural Solutions with Essential Oils

Learn how to live a toxin free lifestyle with essential oils. Learn the many ways essential oils can be substituted for many products that contain Health threatening chemicals. Sample some of our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils and feels uplifted, energized and healthy!

Susan Walker  - DoTerra


Vision Board Workshop

Winding down in the park. Let's discuss how you can harness The Law of Attraction to create an incredible life for yourself! This interactive workshop will give you basic tools and info you need to bring in more abundance and get rid of negativity. Be prepared to get creative & use focused intention to turn dreams into REALITY! All Supplies are provided.

7:30 pm (Gathering to begin 7:00 near the main stage)
Soulsational Drum Circle

Calling all Drummers, Dancers, & Hoopers
No musical experience required. Everyone welcome. Any age. Bring your hand drum, percussion instrument, a chair, and a Sandy pantry donation.

Largest drumming circle on the Shore to help promote health hope happiness and harmony within our commUNITY

with Terry Brown
The Gathering Tree

Lead Coordinators: Amanda Mccalip and Nikki Esposito
All activities are subject to slight changes. There are even more activities in the KidsVillage that is not scheduled for Free including Crafts, carnival games, tibetan flag making, and more. Disclosure some activities do have charges but not those listed below. 

11:15 Twist & Laugh

Championship Game Round 1

What could be more fun than engaging in a classic game of Twister? This classic game will keep the children active and see who is a twisting master! Who will be our Twist & Laugh Champion?!

Amanda McCalip—Soulsational


12:00 Paint a Seashell with a Mermaid

Nikki Esposito—A Land and Sea Mermaid


12:45 Weaving

Weaving will be done on prestrung board. using yarn fabric and natural materials to create beautiful woven fiber art. each participant will be able to take their weaving board home with them. Craft Katie is a master weaver and is looking forward to sharing her 5 foot looms for a group weave!!!

Katie - Crafty Katie

1:30 Enspirited Puppetry

Welcome to the wonderful world of puppetry. This class will feature a Fractured Fairytale puppet show, a discussion of different types of puppets, instruction on some basic puppetry skills, and a hand out on making your own puppet.

Chip Heptig of Enspirited Projects LLC

2:15  Dance Demo with singing

And an interactive experience. 

Ovations Performing Arts Academy

3:00 - 6:00: Creating a Peace Mandala 

With Pure Yoga of Toms River

*Near yoga tent, Bring an offering

Ex. Grain Rice Flower Pedals  sand colored powder - Field Event

3:00 Youth Empowerment

A highly engaging and educational class that involves training for the mind , body, and soul through physical skill challenges, team collaboration, and sports.

Jason Miller - Mentor Academy of New Jersey


3:30 Story Time and Coloring Contest ; Up to age 10

Mary Ann McAdoo - Usborne Books

at Vendor Space 27


3:45 Generation Pound Class

GENERATION POUND® is a youth-oriented program that fuses movement and music to improve focus, coordination, physical fitness and teamwork skills. By combining exercise and interactive Activities, kids will learn new ways to explore movement, embrace their creativity and ROCK OUT—ultimately building strength, confidence and self-awareness

AGES & STAGES: Perfect for "Rockstars in Training" ages 6-12

Lisa Pepper – Pound with Pepper


4:30 Kids Yoga

Yoga 4 Kids yoga classes incorporate yoga with breathwork, movement, mindfulness, meditation, creativity, and fun! Our classes help children with balance, coordination, working with partners, group work and social skills.

Amanda from the Spiritual Journey Wellness Center


5:15 No More Ouchies!

Make your own Non-Toxic Ouch spray.

Have your kids make their own natural, safe, plant based and non-toxic ouchie spray! Ditch the harsh chemicals, known allergens, and immune/skin/respiratory toxicants.

Tanya Giardina - Young Living Essential Oils

Ocean Integrated Wellness Center


6:00 The Wonder of Magic with Amelia

This 15 Minute magic show by 9 years old Amelia Iremonger will amaze children and adults alike!

6:15  Dance Demo

Broadway Bound Dance Centre

6:15 - 8:00

Soulsational Talent & Variety Show

A mini variety talent show featuring kids attending Soulsational. Kids come on out and SHOW us what you got! Be creative. Show off your talents! Walks up welcomed!

Sponsored by: Broadway Bound Dance Centre

7:30 pm (Gathering to begin 7:00 Main stage)

Soulsational Drum Circle  - All Ages!
Calling all Drummers, Dancers, & Hoopers
No musical experience required. Everyone welcome. Any age. Bring your hand drum, percussion instrument, a chair, and a Sandy pantry donation. Largest drumming circle on the Shore to help promote health hope happiness and harmony within our commUNITY.
with Terry Brown
The Gathering Tree



Om The Park
A Soulsational Flash Mob Experience
Largest Yoga Event on the Jersey Shore
All Tri- State Yogi's Invited and Encouraged to Attend - Free
Directed by Dana Gan
More information at

Flash Mob Tutorial

Passion To Paint

12 Noon -

"Beach, Peace and Flip Flops" Canvas

3pm -  Mermaid Tail Glass Painting

5pm -  Daisies on wood Painting